12MW YQW series gas-fired thermal fluid heater for the chemical industry

  • Project boiler medium: HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

  • Capacity: 12MW

  • Location: Linyi, Shandong

  • Equipment: YQW-12000Q


Case introduction

Shandong Minghao Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of C4 deep processing technology and production, mainly include MTBE, isobutylene, polyisobutylene and other products. As one piece of the high-efficiency and energy-saving heating equipment on the production line, the thermal fluid heater can achieve precise temperature control and has functions such as over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over-pressure alarm. After numerous inspections and investigations, Minghao Chemical finally chose Wuxi ZOZEN Boilers Co., Ltd. as its equipment supplier.

ZOZEN has both significant technical advantages and advanced boiler manufacturing process. Steel tube cutting adopts CNC three-dimensional laser cutting machine, the production of round coil adopts CNC coil production line, which can be formed in one time without shaping. In terms of the welding process, the butt welding of steel tubes adopts the automatic argon arc welding process, and the real-time X-ray imaging of the welding seams is performed to prevent unqualified ones from entering the coil production line. acceptance. After the boiler is manufactured, it will be conducted strict quality acceptance. In addition, the structure and operating principle of the thermal fluid heater will cause the tail exhaust temperature to be around 300℃. In order to reduce thermal energy loss, ZOZEN adopts various energy-saving devices to recover the waste heat of high-temperature flue gas, which improves the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler and achieves energy saving and consumption reduction. Benefiting from the above advantages, ZOZEN successfully achieved friendly cooperation with Minghao Chemical.

Customer feedback

The thermal fluid heater was very important to our company. Therefore, we selected ZOZEN which had a good reputation. The cooperation between us was very pleasant. At present, the boiler had completed installation. The professionalism and efficiency of ZOZEN was well-deserved.

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