25 tph SZL series chain grate bio steam boiler for bioenergy corporation

  • Project boiler medium: Steam

  • Capacity: 25 tph

  • Location: Tangshan, Hebei

  • Equipment: SZL25-1.6-SCIII


Case introduction

China produces more than 700 million tons of crop straw every year, which has become a new source of rural environmental pollution. Hebei Yigao Bioenergy Co., Ltd. and ZOZEN worked together to promote the efficient use of biomass energy such as crop straw. In 2018, Yigao Bioenergy built a number of new production lines, and its products are widely used in papermaking, xylose resin, adhesives, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other industries. After the project was completed, it is estimated to consume 240,000 tons of biomass straw each year, becoming a demonstration project of comprehensive utilization of biomass straw.

Regardng the needs of Yigao Bioenergy that mainly uses biomass straws as boiler fuel, ZOZEN rationally arranges the furnace arches, furnace walls and heating surfaces of the SZL series biomass fired steam boiler according to the combustion characteristics of the biomass straws to ensure the boiler theermal efficiency and design evaporation. And for the purpose of environmental protection, ZOZEN adopts a low NOx combustion and a pulse bag filter to treat the flue gas, and then discharges the flue gas through a 45m high exhaust pipe, which complies with strict environmental protection policies. With the features of significant technical advantages, high efficiency, environmental protection, and scientific and detailed system solutions, ZOZEN successfully became the steam boiler supplier for Hebei Yigao Bioenergy Co., Ltd., and effectively reduced the environmental pollution and society problem caused by straw burning.

Customer feedback

Thanks to ZOZEN for tailoring an efficient and environmentally friendly biomass boiler system for our company's demonstration project, realizing the full use of biomass resources, helping to protect the environment, save energy and promote social and economic development.

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